About Us

Tensaart designs, manufactures and installs awning (sunshade and raincoat) and tarpaulin systems that can address a wide range of areas.

Tensaart is a company which provides design, manufacture and assembly of all kind of awnings and tarpaulin systems for general use.

Our common products are: special fabrication foldaway awnings, cassette tent, sliding awning systems with wooden or aluminum rail, fixed outdoor tents, awnings and tent systems, several protecting cover systems and photoelectric doors.

Each awning system can be specialized with different spot lights and motor systems, unique decorations, outlook, color, options of creating different textures.

  • Pvc & Ptfe Tensile Consructions
  • Textile Facade
  • Tensile Systems
  • Outdoor Blind Systems
  • Aluminium Rentable Modullar Systems
  • Foldaway Systems